On the menu: fresh aesthetic for all

Hey, this is To Serve. Maybe you’re confused, because until this article, I wrote a column called Hi! Fashion (R.I.P.). Fashion is endlessly interesting to me, and so it took me three semesters of writing a column every other week to call

Dressed to impress at Ride the Tide

Ride the Tide is coming, and the year is going. Walking to brunch with my roommate Sunday morning, I watched her look down at the sports shorts and flannel she was wearing and sigh, “I get proportionally more frat-bro as the weather

What’s Ur Quirk?

This week’s CJ theme is “Quirky.” I was a little baffled when I heard that. I’ve been called quirky enough times to wonder if maybe it’s true, and if maybe my column is in fact actually always quirky. But I think before

Growing up: how does fashion grow up too?

I am about to turn 20. I’ve heard a lot of people announce big changes on the advent of their 20th birthdays: no more weed, no more reckless spending, regular visits to the gym. Whether or not these resolutions last, they indicate

Adjusting to norms, my core aesthetic

Photo by Ian Holloway There’s something about winter that makes me want to look boring. Spending these first dreary months in New York, amongst masses of quick-moving black swathes, I want to sink into the sleet and the rain and buy a

Dapper Dudes

I was sitting around a Sharples dinner table avoiding the 5:00pm darkness today, seeing my friends scarfing down carbs in sweatshirts. Winter is coming. And when the cold hits, one of the first things I want to abandon when relinquishing my fluffy