Artist of the Week: Thomas Callahan ’22

Thomas Callahan ’22 is not an art major. He is not active in any art clubs on campus. But every so often, Callahan works as a professional artist or creates pieces in his room. His medium? Balloon animals. Callahan’s beginning, much like


Artist of the Week Serena Yang ’23

Serena Yang ’23 is from New York City. She is our very first artist of the week who is a writer! Yang is in OASIS, on the editorial board of Small Craft Warnings, and hosts a WSRN radio show. She is also

Artist of the Week Inna Kimbrough

As I sit down with Art major Inna Kimbrough ’21 in her new Beardsley studio, she sets up her easel just in time for it to crash down to the floor. “Dude, this is so chaotic,” she says, laughing. Kimbrough’s large expressionist