Artist of the Week: Selma Wu ’25 on Visual Experiences

“I’m always a very visual person,” expressed Selma Wu ’25. During our interview, I came to realize that Selma is both humble and interdisciplinarily talented, having had no professional training in art but rather a lifelong experience with optical aesthetics. In fact,


Artist of the Week: Yanyi Liu on Art and Design

Perhaps you’ve noticed this past week that some Swarthmore students have been sporting matching long-sleeved white t-shirts. The back of the shirt uses light green and yellow tones to depict three campus scenes with an intersection of nature and architecture, painted by

Artist of the Week: Lia D’Alessandro ’21

Lia D’Alessandro ’21 has been a pillar of the Swarthmore dance community since her first semester. She has been a part of the Rhythm N Motion dance company, Terpsichore: Dance Collective, and active in the dance department. She is a pre-med student