A Meditation on Punctuation

No interaction fills me with as much dread as having to write an email to someone for the first time. It has all the pressure of making a good first impression, but it lacks the humanity that allows the tension to be


Part 2 of 3: Rachel to Rose*

Rachel was staring into the sky through an expressionless glass window, her eyes locked on something on the horizon. An intimidating blanket of dark gray was suspended over her university campus, almost as if the sky consciously wanted to warn everyone of

Course Selection Aspirin

The pre-enrollment period is approaching. Scrolling through all the intriguing course titles, such as “Radical Jesus” or “Sacred Plants, Holy Fungi, and Religious Experience,” it just seems impossible to narrow them down. As I cannot handle more than four courses a semester,


Goodbye Sharples

It’s about 5 p.m. on a Tuesday in August, and I am sitting in a big, empty, dim room. Medieval-looking chandeliers hang above my head. Stationed around me at a long, rectangular table are other first-year Swarthmore students in my social justice

Part 1 of 3: Rachel’s Trial

At a big university surrounded by the sounds and lights of a city, there was nothing unusual in the air. College students were being let out of their classrooms, and droves of relaxed voices resounded throughout the massive, marble-encrusted hallways, filled with

Nature’s Murmur

Timescale Chauvinism is the idea that people exhibit bias in favor of their normal pace of existence. Daniel Dennett, in his book “Kinds of Minds”, proposes this concept to explain that people tend to disregard intelligence at a slower speed. Take a


Compost Conundrums

Every week, we GAs sort through the compost for two hours apiece. And every week, we witness how extraordinarily … creative the Swarthmore community’s definition of “compostable” is. Granted, it is confusing; sometimes you forget to check whether a plastic cup is


Like a Fish Out of Water

One of my favorite television shows, when I was about thirteen, was “H2O: Just Add Water.” For those of you who aren’t acquainted with this absolute classic, the show follows three high school girls — Cleo, Emma, and Rikki — on their