The Feminine Architecture

On the streets, I stand tall and straight. I was built from reinforced concrete and steel, then clothed with brown bricks in stretcher bonds for aesthetics. I am a ten story apartment building, housing two households on each floor, with a vertical

An Invitation to Breathe

“I invite you all to breathe.” So,  I breathed in . I breathed out . It felt as if I have never truly breathed before. Last Thursday, my Ecofeminism(s) class was honored to invite environmental activists Zulene Mayfield and .O Payne as

Observation Night on February 3

On Feb. 2, everyone in a physics or astronomy class at Swarthmore received an email from the department’s administrative coordinator promoting an event hosted by the Society of Physics Students (SPS). This event was one of several observation nights hosted throughout the


(Finals) Season’s Greetings

Thanksgiving break is lovely, always has been, and always will be. Unfortunately, it also happens to be the harbinger of the most stressful time of the year for many students: finals. For first-year students, this will be their first college finals period;

The Art of Making a Statement

The semester is ending, but as a senior, it feels like the next stage of my life is sneaking up on me much faster than I would like. I have been knee-deep in graduate school applications lately, churning out personal statements and


Part 3 of 3: Rachel Takes a Risk*

Rachel had never thought that life could be so much better so soon. She was hanging out with Rose in Classroom 432 at 11 p.m., trying her best to do her musical theater history readings while Rose was visibly struggling to record