Noémi Fernández wants to give you a pep talk

If you’ve never been to her office in the Matchbox, you may know her from her supportive posts to Yik Yak, or her recent appearance in your inbox. Together with Josh Ellow, the Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselor, and Nina Harris, the

An Expert’s Guide to Eating Alone in Sharples

There’s a magical hour every day when Sharples is almost empty, but still serving food. During this time, a small group of upperclassmen appears, each individually laying claim to a coveted date or circle table. They know each other, but they only

Students to attend UN convention on climate change

From December 1 to December 12, representatives from more than 190 nations will convene in Lima, Peru for the 20th annual Conference of the Parties. The meeting will also include leaders from the finance and business sectors, including members of the Rockefeller

“Yik Yak” app facilitates cyber abuse

“Stop. This is dangerous.” This reply appeared on YikYak beneath a message criticizing the bodies of three members of the women’s basketball team, who were identified by name in the message. The comment had ten upvotes. The reply had four downvotes. YikYak

Juniper Street

“What would it be like if death was your sister?” This haunting question, posed on the flyer just above an aqua-tinged girl sleeping beside a skeleton, beckons theater fans into [redacted] Theater Company’s latest production, “Juniper Street.” After a semester in London

Le1f wows Tri-co crowd

Khalif Diouf, better known by his stage name Le1f, blew away crowds of fans at the Bryn Mawr Campus last Friday, March 21st. He performed to an audience hailing from the entire Tri-co and further out, in a double act with Betty