Future of honors program in question

  Last week, members of the class of 2019 assembled in the Lang Performing Arts Center for an event entitled “Chocolates, Chai, & Choosing” sponsored by members of the faculty and the Dean’s office. “Chocolates, Chai, & Choosing” is designed to be

SGO aims to restructure its budget

The college’s Student Government Organization is currently trying to restructure itself to allow the executive board more control over the budget. If successful, SGO would have more budgetary control than other chartered groups on campus. Co-presidents of SGO Mosea Esaias ’17 and


President of Planned Parenthood comes to campus

Content Warning: Sexual assault, ableist language Swarthmore Democrats hosted the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Katie McGinty and President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards for a rally on women’s rights this past Tuesday. Though McGinty herself could not attend the rally due

Financial aid decisions often more nuanced than they appear

Many students have experienced a decrease in their financial aid packages after freshman year, despite little perceived change in their family’s financial situation. For some students, not receiving an adequate amount of aid meant not returning to Swarthmore this year. Christian Rhodes,