Phi Psi Leak Suggests Evidence of Hazing

The Phoenix obtained unsolicited Phi Psi internal files from an anonymous source that reveal details of the Phi Psi pledging process. The files include folders with documents, photos, and videos detailing aspects of the pledging process, among other information, as far back


Editorial Note: Our Process on the Phi Psi Coverage

RECEIVING THE FILES Last week, members of The Phoenix and Voices were sent an unsolicited set of Phi Psi’s internal documents from past years. The folder included documents detailing pledge tasks for members who were initiated in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2016,

Danawell Complex in Hot Water over Cold Water

For some Swatties returning from winter break, Swarthmore can hit hard; for the residents of Dana, Hallowell, and Danawell, Swarthmore hit just a bit harder. From early in the day on January 20 to the night of Jan. 22, the Danawell Complex

O4S Criticizes Pub-Safe External Review

More than 15 students affiliated with Organizing for Survivors shared their personal experiences and dissatisfaction with Public Safety during a public forum hosted by two consultants, Regina Lawson and Bill Lafferty, from D. Stafford & Associates this past Tuesday night. O4S felt

How ‘Fall Worthstock’ Came to Be

This Saturday evening, artists J.I.D, EarthGang, and AVSTIN JAMES will perform at 7 p.m. in Worth Courtyard, following a last-minute change in artists. Henry Han ’20, who spearheaded the event now known around campus as “Fall Worthstock,” secured $60,000 from the Swarthmore

Interim Dean of Students Jim Terhune Hired

On Aug. 30, The Phoenix’s senior editorial board sat down with Interim Dean of Students Jim Terhune. Terhune took on this role on July 30, just under a month before incoming first-years arrived on campus for orientation. The position of dean of

College announces updates to student employment process

Yesterday, the college held a press briefing with the Phoenix and Daily Gazette announcing developments to student employment issues on campus. Notably, the college announced plans for a new portal on MySwat called JobX, which will centralize the job search and application


Austin Petersen discusses Libertarian politics

On Thursday March 30th, Austin Petersen, the runner-up to the Libertarian nomination for president, spoke to an audience of about 50 at a talk hosted by the Swarthmore Conservative Society. Petersen, to a limited positive reception from the audience, touched on many

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