College announces updates to student employment process

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Yesterday, the college held a press briefing with the Phoenix and Daily Gazette announcing developments to student employment issues on campus. Notably, the college announced plans for a new portal on MySwat called JobX, which will centralize the job search and application process online.
Vice President of Finance and Administration Greg Brown explained one of the reasons for implementing JobX.
“The college has a commitment to giving priority to students who have work as part of their financial aid package, but we haven’t been consistent in making sure that that happens,” he said.
Director of Services and Financial Aid Kristin Moore underscored the reasons for JobX’s implementation and described how the system will work.
“The system will streamline your understanding of where to go to find a job, how to apply for a job, and where you stand in the process, which has been a huge question for students,” she said. “Not getting a response from an employer when they’ve not been hired, and waiting a week or two is a huge detriment.”
In particular, JobX will allow students’ basic information to be automatically submitted into the system from MySwat. The system will offer a centralized application for all jobs on campus with additional drop-down menus for some jobs and will have a place to upload a resume. All jobs offered by the college will be posted on the portal, including one-time offerings and summer jobs.
The college’s administration plans to roll out JobX this spring when they hire RAs, GAs, DPAs, and SAMs for the next academic year. JobX should be fully implemented by the fall 2018 semester.
The Phoenix will continue coverage of student employment changes in its next issue.

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