No Doubt, Back Again

Gwen Stefani is the only reason I can remember how to spell the word “bananas.” I was really happy when she left No Doubt and not terribly surprised, either. Gwen, like me, is a class-B diva, and as such, can’t deal well

Current chart toppers gag-inducing

I’m people-watching from the window of a Starbucks in Center City Philadelphia. After seeing some of the stylistic choices made by Philadelphia’s residents, I figured I had two choices: gag myself with my teabag to prevent making a show of my laughter,

Brittany, Miley and me

Britney’s new song didn’t manage to chart within the top 10 in its first week, but that’s okay—it’s difficult to sing while operating an electric razor. We don’t want that shave too close, so let’s count our blessings that Britney didn’t scratch

No “Applause” for this week’s top hits

While I cry over not being able to use my $9.00 dinner meal swipe on food from Margaret Kuo’s at the Science Center coffee bar, I’m going to throw some shade about this week’s Billboard Top 10. 1. I’m really pissed that

Songs of Summer Blur Lines and Taste

Two situations shaped my understanding of the “Songs of Summer 2013.” The first: commuting to my internship by car every day and having complete control over listening to “Same Love” or the Bee Gees (I tend to choose the latter). The second

Third Annual Arts Weekend Takes the Stage

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