Student Groups Advisor, Ben Francis

Student groups make Swarthmore what it is. You’ll find the bad food and the awkwardness at other colleges. What you won’t find is a student body devoted to such a wide range of causes. On my campus tours I make a point

Educational Policy Representative, Esther Burson

My name is Esther Burson, and I’d like to serve as your Educational Policy Representative. I gained experience in educational policy when I served as the student representative to the Council on Educational Policy (CEP) last semester. As the only

DU to be a Dry Frat

Following the lead of the Women’s Resource Center, Delta Upsilon has announced its decision to become a dry fraternity, effective immediately.

VegOut at Tonight’s Sharples Takeover

Angered by the vegetarian menu presented two weeks ago at the Meatout Sharples takeover, members of the Carnivore Committee recently revealed themselves and announced their own takeover, VegOut, to take place tonight.

What are Swat’s Activists up to?

We asked activist groups to send us brief blurbs about their current campaigns--check out information from the Global Health Forum, Global Neighbours, Swarthmore Amnesty, Voices for Change, STAND, and the Village Education Project, which is sponsoring Global Education Week this week.

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