SBC Approves Free Pads and Tampons

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Editor’s Note: The Student Budget Committee (SBC) meets every Sunday at 5 PM in Sharples to discuss requests for student group funding. Each week the Daily Gazette publishes a summary of these meetings. For more information, contact

Swarthmore Folk Dance Club

The Folk Dance Club requested a transfer of $570.00 from their account for services to their fund for all-campus events. This money was originally intended for the payment of an English dance instructor who was unable to teach here this year. The group plans to use the requested funds to hire a third musician for their English-Scottish Ball, which will be held in the spring; any remaining funds will be used to pay for additional dance workshops. Their proposal for a full transfer of funds passed unanimously.

“Free Pads for Undergrads” (Roosevelt@Swarthmore and Sexual Health Advocates)

The group requested $1352.40 to purchase forty-two baskets, 3,360 pads, and 6,720 tampons for a one-semester pilot program providing these hygiene products for free in the bathrooms of fourteen academic buildings. According to the representatives, Worth Health Center has agreed to consider institutionalizing this program for the 2017-2018 academic year. There was a proposal for full funding and it passed unanimously with the funds going to Roosevelt@Swarthmore.

Swarthmore African Student Association (SASA)

SASA requested $250.00 to pay for the registration fees of five students attending the Wharton Africa Business Forum conference. The Student Budget Committee referred the representative to the Dean’s Office because the Dean’s funding is more flexible and allows for group requests of up to $600.00.

Swarthmore African American Student Society (SASS)

SASS requested $300.00 in supplemental funds for their Thanksgiving event, for which the group budgeted $400.00 in the spring. There was a proposal for full funding and it passed unanimously.

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