SGO, FLI, SBC Host Plenary to Discuss SAA Proposal

On Monday, April 1, club leaders and student government representatives met at a plenary to discuss a new coalition proposal presented by the First-Generation Low-Income (FLI) Council calling for the dissolution of the Student Government Organization (SGO) and Student Budget Committee (SBC)

SGO Discusses Proposal to Dissolve SGO, SBC 

Disclaimer: The events recapped in this article detail only what was discussed in this public meeting and may not represent internal or evolving discussions on the matter. On March 22, the Student Government Organization (SGO) met to discuss a proposal to dissolve

Student Clubs Navigate Early Semester Budget Freeze

On Jan. 30, a freeze on the Student Activities Fund (SAF) that began as a result of an administrative audit of the budgeting process ended. All purchasing appointments to request funds for student organizations were canceled indefinitely by the Office of Student

This Swattie Does Not Exist: Meet Randall Zhou ’23!

When Randall Zhou ’23 came to Swarthmore, he was sure that he wanted to devote his time to developing his understanding of American literature and mastering the English language. Nearly two years later, Zhou finds that the freshman who matriculated four semesters


The Phoenix is Advertising

We at The Phoenix will begin featuring ads in both our online and print editions. While past iterations of The Phoenix have featured ads, our publication has solely relied on SBC funding for the past three years. We feel, however, the need


SGO Prepares for Another Virtual Semester

On February 9, SGO elected four new members for the 2021 Spring semester. The new SGO members include Sara Asgari ’23 and Huiying Xiao ’23, who will serve as senators for the class of 2023, as well as Fiona Stewart ’24 for

SGO refocuses on student input

In an effort to move on from mass resignations and overall lack of voter participation that occurred in the spring semester, the Student Government Organization (SGO) is embracing student voices and looking for better ways to advocate the needs and interests of

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