Meet the Man in Charge of the Post Office, the Bookstore, and the Future of Sharples

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In November 2015, Anthony Coschignano filled the versatile new position of Executive Director of Auxiliary Services. The role is comprised of overseeing dining services, office services, the post office, summer events and programs, and the bookstore, as well as serving as a liaison between the new Inn and the college.

The Executive Director of Auxiliary Services also oversees parts of the upcoming OneCard service, a new ID system that will be used for meal plans, access to residence halls, and purchases at certain places in the ville.

“I’ve always been interested in service and meeting people’s needs,” Coschignano said.

After receiving his degree in management information systems from Florida State, Coschignano began working at University of Central Florida, where he opened and managed the Rosen School of Hospitality Management food court. He has also managed various food operations at Florida State, University of Alabama, St. Louis University, Mississippi State, and Valparaiso University, where he also gained a masters in business administration and management.

Coschignano is familiar with the cuisine from the Northeastern region.

“Every area is so different in what they expect for food,” Coschignano said. “The Northeast is a hodgepodge of Western, Midwestern, and Southern food combined together.”

He also has a personal connection to the Northeast.

“A lot of my family is from New York, so I grew up eating thin crust, folding slice pizza, Italian and Chinese cuisine. […] [Northeastern] specialities are very ethic driven—[there’s] a lot of different types of food within the region,” he said.

Coschignano is playing a role in the upcoming renovations of Sharples. Not only will the physical layout of Sharples change, but, Coschignano said, “[We] are going to evaluate menus and hours over the summer as we change the meal plan. We are going to look at ways we have serviced the food and how we deliver it—presentation, and style.”

Regarding the plans laid out for Sharples renovations, Coschignano said, “[We are] going through and digesting what we want things to look like.”

If you Google Anthony Coschignano, you may come across a digital album called Ramblings, by his namesake. However, this album is not Coschignano’s. Rather, the songs are written and performed by his nephew, Anthony James.

Featured image courtesy of Anthony Coschignano

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