Administration Considers Discontinuing Essie’s Meal Swipes 

Recently, Swarthmore Dining operations have undergone significant changes, including the opening of the new Dining Center in Fall 2022. The Dining Center expanded food options and improved facilities. Sharples, the former dining hall, was relaunched as a new student center, Sharples Commons, on Feb. 26, 2024. 

As part of the opening of Sharples Commons, popular campus dining option Essie Mae’s Cafe is set to move from Clothier Hall to the new building and be renamed Essie’s Corner. Alongside this transition, the College is considering removing the option of meal swipes from Essie’s Corner, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter and confirmed in communications with the College. Currently, students can use meal swipes at Essie Mae’s Cafe from 3-7 p.m. on weekdays. Without meal swipes, students will have to use dining dollars to purchase food at Essie’s.

Associate Vice President for Campus Services Anthony Coschignano stated that the discussion on whether to continue offering meal swipes at Essie’s is still ongoing. On Feb. 7, Coschignano announced in an email to the campus community that Essie Mae’s will move from Clothier Hall into the new Sharples Commons for a soft opening in early June. 

“We initially introduced meal swipes at Essie’s as a convenience because it wasn’t in close proximity to the dining hall. This summer, we’ll relocate Essie’s to the Dining and Community Commons under the new name, Essie’s Corner. Given that it’ll now be in the same building as the Dining Center, where students can use meal swipes, along with the fact that it’ll have new menu offerings, we are considering whether it makes sense to continue offering meal swipes at Essie’s. There’s more value in using swipes at the Dining Center,” he said. 

He also highlighted that regardless of the decision, Crumb Cafe and Science Center Cafe will continue to offer late-night dining options, which students can use meal swipes to purchase. 

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