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Campus Journal

Breaks Large and Small, a Manifesto

In this era of hard-won freedom from the inflexible, linear career paths that so chained the stonefaced baby boomers, a good friend is one who always shoots résumé padding your way. So perhaps I should have been delighted when I received two blue bleeps from my companion and your resident campus Arts Editor, Joe Mariani.… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

How to Spookify Your Playlist

Around again comes the seasonal dilemma: when I yearn for skeleton memes and colorful leaves, how can I maximize the spookiness of my Halloween playlist? Take a break from your differential calculus class, because I’ve already done the optimization calculations; here are the best songs to pumpkin-spice up your spooky playlist!   “Thriller” by Michael… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

The Cassowary Strikes: Into the Woods with the Bird Club

My introduction to Swarthmore Bird Club came several weeks ago during the beginning-of-year activity fair. Wearing a full bird mask, Ben Schmidt ’18 writhed on his back, propelling himself in circles in front of Parrish Hall like the frontman of AC/DC. While Schmidt was clearly fueled by a passion for birds so intense as to… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Reluctantly Popping the Swat Bubble

When referencing the Swat bubble, you’ll generally hear a mix of groans, scoffs, sighs, muted screams, and nails on chalkboards. Often seen as inhibiting, the Swat bubble stands for the sense that Swarthmore is, in many ways, a bubble. This wild, imaginative, ultra-liberal echo-chamber that we find ourselves in quite obviously differs greatly from the… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Hurricane impacts on new students

Recall for a moment moving into your dorm your freshman year of college. For most, the worries are relatively simple: where do my posters go? Do my sheets match my rug? Will my parents really call me every day? But, for quite a few freshmen this year, the worries became dire. For Houstonians and Floridians… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

A Swipe Of Advice: On the Meal Plan

If there is one objective, capital-T Truth that exists within the entire span of our infinite universe, it is that there is one, single best meal plan for Swatties to be on. There are five meal plan options, consisting of four lies and one answer to the questions humankind has been asking for the entirety… Keep Reading

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