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Victoria Lee-A-Yong

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Great Swarthmore Expectations

Freshman fall is almost over for the incoming Class of 2021, and initial anxieties have dwindled as students have acclimated to the Swarthmore campus; as they’ve been able to get a first-hand experience of what Swat is really like. Months after the blitz of admissions and orientation, freshmen are now assessing their experiences and asking:… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Cultural Identity Celebrated On Swarthmore’s Campus

Culture and Identity Appreciation Week at Swarthmore came early this year. The festivities began Oct. 24 with a kickoff in the Science Center Commons, and continued with panels on intersectionality, screenings of “Deej” and “Spirited Away”, food events like Kohlcella, Sharples Trial By Fire, African Kitchen, and the i20 Fall Feast, and parties like the… Keep Reading

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How to Spookify Your Playlist

Around again comes the seasonal dilemma: when I yearn for skeleton memes and colorful leaves, how can I maximize the spookiness of my Halloween playlist? Take a break from your differential calculus class, because I’ve already done the optimization calculations; here are the best songs to pumpkin-spice up your spooky playlist!   “Thriller” by Michael… Keep Reading

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Hurricane impacts on new students

Recall for a moment moving into your dorm your freshman year of college. For most, the worries are relatively simple: where do my posters go? Do my sheets match my rug? Will my parents really call me every day? But, for quite a few freshmen this year, the worries became dire. For Houstonians and Floridians… Keep Reading

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