How to Spend Your Spring Break at Swarthmore

Stuck spending your spring break at Swarthmore College when you could be tanning on Miami Beach? Don’t want to waste away in bed for a week and then feel completely worthless afterwards? Here’s a list of things you can do to ward off the Spring Break Blues.

  1. Try to predict the Swarthmore weather patterns.

Clearly, the weather here has been inconsistent at best. Grab a few friends who are staying with you and set up a betting system about what weather will come on what day. If you’re playing alone, see if you can beat the weather prediction app on your phone as to what you will actually see when you look outside of your window in the morning.

  1. Have a fort party.

This one takes a little planning. During this coming week, stock up on Essie’s snacks and other goodies perhaps the occasional reheatable warm meal from Sci Center or Kohlberg. Then, with your remaining friends (or by yourself!) create a pillow-blanket fort and vow to watch a few movies or episodes of your favorite TV shows. You’ll feel way cozier in the likely-not-so-spring-like weather.

  1. Make some room decorations.

if your walls have been looking naked lately, maybe it’s time to decorate them with art you made, even if you’re only spending one more half of a semester in it anyway. With some additional planning and a trip to Target you should be able to do it. Look up some designs and aesthetics on the internet and you’d be surprised at what you can do.

  1. Play a new video game.

If you brought your console to Swat, play a game! If you have a decent PC, play a game! If you don’t want to spend $60 to get a new game, watch some dude on the internet play the game for free! Some play-throughs can be upwards of 14 hours long, so immerse yourself.

  1. Start/finish a series or book.

Still need to finish that Netflix original show? Want to read a new 400-page mystery novel? Now’s the time! Shirk the rest of your responsibilities, like cleaning your room or actually reading ahead for your poli sci class, and just do something for your enjoyment.

  1. Name every tree.

Yeah, sure, every tree is always labelled by the school already. However, that’s not stopping you from going around and calling each tree “Barbara,” “Debbie,” “Jacqueline,” “Chad,” or “Michael.” Hard mode: remembering each of your newly-named tree friends while walking at night.

  1. Try to find a way to get your life back together and hope you don’t fail in a week.

Take up bullet journaling to set up a system for yourself to get work done and plan, perhaps, and then slowly realize that even though you vowed to be far more organized while maintaining a crafting habit, you definitely do not have time for a crafting habit or efficient planning. Alternatively, you can be sure to have 3 a.m. urges to get back on track with all of the work you missed in the first half of the semester, and then elect not to do it because this is supposed to be your relaxing time and by golly, you’re not going to ruin it now.

  1. Clean your room and pray to whatever deity/deities may or may not exist that you don’t find a pest.

Make sure to arm yourself with Raid first.

  1. Realize you’re probably not going to do any of this.

You’re just going to stay in bed and hope that your problems will be solved by this cycle of behavior.

  1. Text your friends that went away about how much you miss them.

You’ll wait for a response, but it’ll never come.

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