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When I walked into Scheuer room in the late afternoon of Jan. 20, the first thing I heard was Beyoncé. The second was laughter. The dark carpet and the large, circular tables were covered with signs, markers, paper, and people, with warm light illuminating the faces of women (and men) intent on being heard. #SwatBeloved:… Keep Reading

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Dominican Nationalism Abroad

I walked into a warm, stuffy room on the third floor of Trotter on Wednesday, Nov. 16. The seminar-style table contained noticeable amounts of food on platters but a distinct lack of other people. Eventually, a few professors walked in, as well as a short, turtleneck-clad man I hadn’t seen before. Dr. Silvio Torres-Saillant, professor… Keep Reading

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Late-Night Dumpling Service Begins

Late Nite, a sushi and dumpling delivery business, opened its doors for the first time on Thursday, October 27th. The business, started by Henry Han ’20 and Natasha Markov-Riss ’20, works to serve food at times when other places on campus are not open. “We saw a need for food late at night, and our… Keep Reading

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On a cold, rainy, October night – one of the last cold, rainy, October nights – a group of people gathered behind Parrish to escape the rain. They mulled over, reminisced about old memories, laughed. They lit sparklers, took pictures. After the pictures, the group of people proceeded to go inside Parrish where a breadth… Keep Reading

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With New Clery Act Data, some Updates to Legislation Present

Content warning: sexual assault On June 23, 2016, the Department of Education released an updated version of the Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting, which provides guidelines for the implementation of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, better known as simply the Clery Act. The Act, which… Keep Reading

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W.O.C. S.U.C.C.: Anderson on Owning Comedy

When Céline Anderson ‘19 walked onto Swarthmore’s campus last fall as a freshman, she came with a plan to find her place. “In high school, I wasn’t funny, but I was around a lot of funny people,” Anderson says. “During orientation, I realized that I wasn’t smart enough or pretty enough to make friends off… Keep Reading

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Moving resources beyond Swarthmore

Although Professor of Sociology/Anthropology and Black Studies Nina Johnson is engaged with issues like race, equality, and justice … she does not consider herself an “activist.” “I don’t know what that term means,” Johnson says. “I think that the way I tend to think about all aspects of my life is that, as a human… Keep Reading


Fall break offers commitments, new opportunities for students

Fall Break, the annual break approximately halfway through fall semester, begins this Friday, Oct. 7. Although the break is a much welcomed repose for many students to visit their friends and families at home, athletes often have commitments during this time. Boys’ soccer, a fall sport, has practice every day during the break, as well… Keep Reading

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