A Tale of Two Former Allies

On the night of February 14, the stage was set as fighters lined up for the UFC 258 card at UFC APEX in Las Vegas. Headlining the card was Kamaru “The Nigerian Nightmare” Usman, defending his welterweight belt against Gilbert “Durinho” Burns.

Bittersweet Ending To A Bitter Rivalry

The stage was set for the perfect blood-boiling rivalry between two titans in the welterweight division (170lbs) for UFC Fight Night 178 to reach its climax. After two years of anticipation, on Saturday, September 19, these two combatants had more at stake


Jon Jones Makes UFC History With Controversy

Jon Jones, 32 and UFC’s current light heavyweight champion, looked to continue his reign by putting an end to undefeated, hot–handed contender Dominick Reyes Feb. 8th, night in the main event of UFC 247 in Houston. This fight carried extra weight for


Why You Should Watch WrestleMania 35

“It’s fake.” “Everything is already predetermined.” “I have better things to do than watch a bunch of scantily-clad people pretend to fight each other.” As a professional wrestling fan, I’ve heard it all. And none of what they say is factually wrong