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Hey all you beautiful swatties, I’m your new trend/fashion/culture columnist. Extremely excited and honored as I am to write you guys about fashion, I still feel reluctant to call myself a fashion columnist. I’ve never read a single issue of Vogue, nor

From dreams to reality: waking up, making up

Stereotypically, creative acts take place in the depths of the night, when the world is asleep and a single soul’s inspiration, like a lightning bolt sent down specially by God, strikes! But there is a different, quotidien process of delicate creation that

The adventures of Zena, ultimate internet girl

The way we use technology, and certainly social media, is focused on a stylized and curated presentation of the self. Because the self we present via technology has time and space in which to form before it arrives at our audience, it

On the menu: fresh aesthetic for all

Hey, this is To Serve. Maybe you’re confused, because until this article, I wrote a column called Hi! Fashion (R.I.P.). Fashion is endlessly interesting to me, and so it took me three semesters of writing a column every other week to call

Dapper Dudes

I was sitting around a Sharples dinner table avoiding the 5:00pm darkness today, seeing my friends scarfing down carbs in sweatshirts. Winter is coming. And when the cold hits, one of the first things I want to abandon when relinquishing my fluffy

Dressing to her identity: Paige Willey on fashion

Paige Willey is a beacon of confident and competent self-presentation. Watching from a distance, I was intrigued and intimidated by the crispness of her collared shirts and the perfect fit of her occasional blazer. Sitting in the lobby of McCabe wearing a

Jonah Schwartz ’15: Abandoning Logic

Fashion is the most immediate, obvious means we have of presenting ourselves to, and armoring ourselves against, the world. But I have always seen clothing as much more than a facile visual. When I was 15, I bought the entire wardrobe of

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