(Finals) Season’s Greetings

Thanksgiving break is lovely, always has been, and always will be. Unfortunately, it also happens to be the harbinger of the most stressful time of the year for many students: finals. For first-year students, this will be their first college finals period;

Breaks Should Be Breaks

Thanksgiving break is approaching, a time that many students spend with family and friends. It’s in the name, yet when the time comes, the last thing it feels like is a break. On many breaks, including Fall and Spring Break, some professors

Tea Time: Hot Girl Summer to Swat Girl Fall

Dearly beloved, after three whole months of work, adventure, or relaxation, we’re gathered here today for some good old Swarthmore education and frisbee-tossing. On our wedding registry are discounted pen bundles, notebooks, and Command hooks readily available from Springfield Mall.  Now, are

A call to deinstitutionalize stress

“Have you taken care of yourself recently?” My professor asked me this question a few weeks ago after noticing how enervated I was. As midterms were rolling in, I needed to sacrifice several hours of sleep every day to catch up with

Jukebox: the power of the playlist

I have a playlist for just about every genre and every mood. There’s “Air Karaoke.” “Lazy.” “Jitters.” “Covers.” “Classic Rock.” “If You Don’t Know the Song, Ask Your Parents.” I could keep going. “Boy Bands.” “Candy Kids.” “Jukebox.” “Dance Around.” There are

Gearing up

As we hit the part of the semester where the second round of midterms are coming up, the weather is getting colder, there are fewer daylight hours, and the end of the semester coming into view. With the end still very far

Sometimes, Swatties could use a little SpongeBob

I’ll admit that Swat and SpongeBob, although alliterative, are not at all synonymous. Though maybe, in some ways, they should be. We are six weeks into the semester, and an aggregate of stress can be found formulating in the basement of Cornell

Breaks Large and Small, a Manifesto

In this era of hard-won freedom from the inflexible, linear career paths that so chained the stonefaced baby boomers, a good friend is one who always shoots résumé padding your way. So perhaps I should have been delighted when I received two

Cherishing our Crum Woods

Following my morning routine abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam, I am riding the bus from my host family’s house to my classes at Hanoi Medical University. I am mesmerized by the thousands of motorbikes on the road. At least half of the riders

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