Finally, Representation that Lesbians Can Be Extremely Toxic

A simple stage setup in Upper Tarble did not stop the cast and crew of “Gay Heathers” from putting on a stellar and outstanding show. Complete with passionate performances, colorful costumes, and representation of lesbians being extremely toxic, “Gay Heathers” was incredibly

You will eat up “Sharples: The Musical!”

“I think I’m gonna die because it’s pasta bar, today, pasta bar, hurray.” This weekend, look forward to the reveal of Swarthmore’s very own musical, or more specifically Sharples Dining Hall’s. “Sharples: The Musical!” will present us with show unique to our

A reorchestrated production of “Guys and Dolls”

This weekend’s production of “Guys and Dolls” will revamp the musical classic whilst trying to recreate its original feel. This is going to be Swarthmore’s second concert-staging of a musical, following “South Pacific” last spring. Many of the cast commented on how

“Urinetown” to shower down on Upper Tarble

The toilet outside of Sharples is not another piece of public art — it’s an advertisement. For this year’s spring musical, Abigail Henderson ’14 is putting on a production of “Urinetown.” While the title suggests a bunch of potty jokes, Henderson described