Do Not Ask Sharples What’s For Dinner Tomorrow

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day when a photo from @swatmemes_ came up, which joked “Never Ask A Woman Her Age / A Man His Salary / Sharples What’s For Dinner Tomorrow.” I found this funny because I

The Genealogy of Memeology

Throughout mankind’s short history one question has permeated, evolved, and perplexed all kinds of human and non-human thought: memes? (acceptable pronunciations: mēm, may-may, mem, mīme, mr. mīme, mem-buh, and/or saw-wee ay own-lee hah-viv ah cahn-t oh-pen-err) But, how does one describe meme?


The inevitable encroachment of normie memes

In the fleeting moments in between classes or procrastinating before starting that seven page paper due tomorrow, college students across the country often turn to their institution’s Facebook meme pages for entertainment. At Swarthmore, it seems as if the source of happiness

A queer uprising at Swarthmore: what does it meme?

On the chilly evening of March 15, snow lay on the ground from the winter storm that had recently swept across Swarthmore’s campus. Little did we know that there was another storm approaching. No, not with wind, nor sleet nor snow —