A Tale of Two Former Allies

On the night of February 14, the stage was set as fighters lined up for the UFC 258 card at UFC APEX in Las Vegas. Headlining the card was Kamaru “The Nigerian Nightmare” Usman, defending his welterweight belt against Gilbert “Durinho” Burns.

Bittersweet Ending To A Bitter Rivalry

The stage was set for the perfect blood-boiling rivalry between two titans in the welterweight division (170lbs) for UFC Fight Night 178 to reach its climax. After two years of anticipation, on Saturday, September 19, these two combatants had more at stake

The Battle of Alberta

Canadians are typically depicted in pop culture as overly kind people that tend to apologize too much. The recent hockey games that have taken place in the Canadian city of Alberta over the past couple of months, however, have been anything but

Fighting in the NHL Continues in its Downfall

 The NHL has always struggled to add new followers to their sport. Viewership across America is dwarfed by the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Many cannot name more than three or four teams outside of their local organization. However, one thing almost everyone