Swarthmore Should Commit More Fully to Climate Action

On January 29, Middlebury College announced its “Energy2028” plan that commits the school to convert to 100 percent renewable energy by 2028. This commitment includes moving to 100 percent renewable energy for electric and thermal power, reducing energy consumption by 25 percent,

On Belonging

As students of the college, we are often privy to “imposter syndrome” — the feeling of not belonging and being an “admissions mistake.” The Orientation Play serves to preemptively combat the presence of imposter syndrome on campus, reassuring students — mainly the

Editorial: Thank You, Bartash

Every year at The Phoenix, editors and writers come and go, editorial policies get revised, and the general character of the paper changes. The one thing that has stayed the same over the past 10 years has been a company the vast

Editorial: Swarthmore’s Day Off

Swarthmore has long prided itself on the diversity of backgrounds and experiences amongst its students, faculty, and staff. The people who make Swarthmore what it is today all have unique needs and life experiences. Despite these espoused values, Swarthmore does not give

Editorial: What We Talk About When We Talk About Guns

Last Saturday, 11 members of the Jewish community of Pittsburgh were killed by gunfire and five more were injured during a Saturday morning prayer service. Last Wednesday, an armed gunman attempted to enter a predominantly black church and, when denied entry, killed

Support Indigenous Peoples

On Monday, Swarthmore recognized Indigenous Peoples Day, joining an effort made by many to disentangle and reclaim the widely recognized holiday Columbus Day from its colonialist roots. In light of this, we at The Phoenix think that it is necessary for students,

Editorial: The Secrets of Swarthmore

A comprehensive listicle of what we wish we knew our first year: The Secrets of Swarthmore Underhill is by far the most slept-on study-space at Swarthmore College. Period. Sometimes the chicken tenders at Essie’s change to the sub-par variety. Beware! On Mondays,

Editorial: Swarthmore Should Prioritize Mental Health

On September 13, President Valerie Smith shared the results of a report by the Ad Hoc Committee on Wellbeing, Belonging, and Social Life to the community in a campus-wide email.  In the opinion of the Editorial Board, this report by the Ad

This has happened before: we must remember our history

Over the last few weeks, the Swarthmore community has been inundated with student activism. Students are voicing their concerns and taking actions to make clear that they are dissatisfied with administrative policies around campus. One of the most recent student movements has

Importance of social spaces

Where are your Swarthmore memories? McCabe or Paces for late nights, Sci Commons or Essie’s for lazy afternoons, maybe even the occasional live show in the WSRN Big Room? The experiences we have here at Swarthmore, and indeed anywhere, are often inextricable

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