College Should Expand SEPTA Access

Swarthmore claims to be a cash-free campus, but many students may find hidden costs behind the pretext of access. While Swarthmore’s proximity to Philadelphia is often a selling point for prospective students, many students are unable to make the expensive SEPTA train

Low-Income Students Shouldn’t Be a Low Priority

Despite efforts from the administration to level the playing field between low-income, first-generation students at Swarthmore and their more privileged peers, the administration struggles to see the real issue at hand — that this institution was built for the wealthy, by the

Dear Prospective Swattie: What We Want You to Know

Welcome to Swat! As you attend admitted student events, go to the activities fair, and explore campus, we at The Phoenix want to impart on you some of our insights about the College to help you in your deliberative process. Each member


Legacy, Not Bribery, Hurts Students the Most

Editor’s Note: This was updated at 10:45AM on March 28, 2019, to update that Dean Jim Bock’s title is Dean of Admission, not Dean of Students as published earlier. Since March 12, the college admissions bribery scandal has been one of the most regularly discussed subjects in the media. It brought to national attention the ways in which the wealthy and privileged — in this case, 50

Unequivocally Rejecting Swarthmore Hate

On Sunday March 3, SGO voted to support Students for Justice in Palestine’s resolution to “ban the ban” and to end the college’s investments in seven companies involved in the occupation of Palestine. That same day, Swarthmore Hate, an anonymous Twitter account,

Swarthmore Should Commit More Fully to Climate Action

On January 29, Middlebury College announced its “Energy2028” plan that commits the school to convert to 100 percent renewable energy by 2028. This commitment includes moving to 100 percent renewable energy for electric and thermal power, reducing energy consumption by 25 percent,

On Belonging

As students of the college, we are often privy to “imposter syndrome” — the feeling of not belonging and being an “admissions mistake.” The Orientation Play serves to preemptively combat the presence of imposter syndrome on campus, reassuring students — mainly the

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