Clery Act Report Shows 2018 Crime Trends

On October 1st, the Public Safety released the Annual Fire Safety and Security Report, as required by the Clery Act, which provides information and statistics about crimes reported on college campuses. The report details data for crimes that happen on Swarthmore’s campus.

Updated Clery data sheds light on crime trends

According to the 2017 Annual Fire Safety and Security Report, last year resulted in the highest reported Violence Against Women Act offences since 2012, 19, and the first act of arson since 2012. Oppositely, larceny is the lowest since 2012, 36, as

Questions raised on lack of clarity in crime reporting

Over the summer and since the beginning of the school year the college community has received four Timely Warning Notices from Public Safety, two about burglaries on campus, and the other two about an incident of fondling at Olde Club involving a

Decline in Clery Act crime stats may be misleading

Under the Clery Act, nearly all colleges and universities in the country are required to publish an annual study detailing reports of on-campus crime during the previous year. Swarthmore’s 2015 report, released on October 1, paints a picture of crime that is

Crime rate rises in Swarthmore Borough

Students at the college may have noticed an increase in Public Safety’s Timely Warning Notifications regarding off-campus crime this semester. Since winter break, Director of Public Safety Michael Hill has notified the community of three incidents of crime in the borough of