Band Profile: Dirty Mike and The Boys

Known as one of Swarthmore’s most entertaining musical ensembles, Dirty Mike and the Boys have become a prominent force in Swarthmore’s musical scene over the past three years. The five-member band features Tyler “Don Jon” Zon ’16 and Cole “the Funk” Graham

Band Profile: Funk the Patriarchy

Swarthmore funk-pop combo Funk the Patriarchy brought its soulful, groovy style to Battle of the Bands last weekend. The eight member band is composed of Sam Wallach Hanson ’18 on tenor saxophone, Christine Emery ’16 on trumpet, Seth Stancroff ’19 on drums,

Band Profile: Modern Rhombus

Modern Rhombus is an all-senior student band composed of RJ Tischler ’16, Dan Creem ’16, Tyler Welsh ’16, and Joe Boninger ’16. Boninger plays lead guitar with Tischler on rhythm guitar, Creem on Bass, and Welsh on drums. The indie/alt rock band

Band Profile: Calypso Baby!

The “sometimes circus-y,” always sarcastic, never serious band Calypso Baby! stars Blake Oetting ’18, Dina Ginzburg ’18, and Noah Lisfset ’18. They performed last Friday night in Olde Club at Swarthmore’s Battle of the Bands. The story of the band’s creation can

Band Profile: Biscuit

The self-proclaimed punk-poem band Biscuit who is out to have fun and share that fun with Swarthmore played last Friday night at Swarthmore’s Battle of the Bands in Olde Club. The musicians, bass guitarist  Kyung Min ’18, singer Colette Gerstmann ’18, and

The highs and lows of “Dirty Mike and the Boys”

What do Dirty Mike and the Boys have in common with The Doors, Coldplay, Vampire Weekend and Hall & Oates? They all formed during the experiential roller-coaster years of college. Amid Swarthmore’s famous workload, 8:30 a.m. classes on Fridays and Sharples food,