First Year Artists Light Up Kitao Gallery

Friday, September 17, 8 p.m. The relief of the weekend arriving was palpable in the air. Soft peals of laughter and low conversation could be heard all across campus as students finally relaxed, untensed their shoulders, and fell into the comfort of

Finding Purpose while Stuck in Quarantine

Stuck in the same small bedroom, the same bleak corridors, and the same shared spaces, it’s safe to say that a lot of us are unhappy and anxious in quarantine. When we left for spring break most of us were celebrating being

Self-Love in an Age of Self-Scrutiny: A Visual Essay

Vanity — when is it allowed, and when is it frowned upon? Who is allowed to be vain and who is not? And where lies the line between vanity and self-love? These are questions that have interested me since the very first

Artist of the Week Fouad Dakwar on The Political Nature of Art

“I have this notebook from fourth grade, my songwriting notebook,” Fouad Dakwar ’22 recalls. “I didn’t know how to notate [songs] or anything, it’s just lyrics, but ever since then I’ve been making melodies.” Fouad Dakwar, a music and theatre honors special