Occupy Colleges shows solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

The past several weeks have seen Occupy Wall Street movements die in cities across the country, with headlines of violent clashes between protesters and police riddling the news media. Just yesterday, Occupy Philadelphia found itself evicted from its encampment at City Hall.

Swarthmore’s role in answering Kristof’s call to action

For those of us who attended eminent journalist Nicholas Kristof’s lecture this past Monday, the general sense of inspiration may still linger heavily in our immediate atmosphere. The talk, entitled “A Call to Action,” was a rhetorical catalyst for social activism. Kristof

Students should reign in more prominent guest speakers

Jonathan Franzen, Rita Dove, Junot Díaz — any bells ringing? They might not. It’s been nearly two years since Dove came to campus, and even longer since the other two award-winning authors visited. The three are just a handful of memorable and

Humanity hits the seven billion mark: how to deal

October 31, 2011 wasn’t just another Halloween — it was also a day chosen by the United Nations Population Division to symbolically mark the birth of the seven billionth person. Yet even more frightening: it is predicted that we will hit the eight billion

Analyzing the social media record of Qaddafi’s fall

After four decades of brutal dictatorship, Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi was executed by rebel fighters who were the product of an uprising conceived at the beginning of this year. Now, with access to the Internet and the latest version of Adobe Flash plug-in,

Woman’s Right to Know Act Infringes on Women’s Rights

House Bill 1077, a bill introduced by Representative Kathy Rapp of Warren County, is set to be passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. With 112 co-sponsors, the proposal (similar in nature to one passed in Texas in 2003) stipulates that a

Occupy Wall Street needs much more than occupation

On Tuesday, several labor unions joined the Occupy Wall Street protest, adding force and credibility to the two-week-old movement. But while it is easy to keep up with the protest’s participants, timeline and even its location — young protesters have camped out

Placements deserve a place in Swarthmore curriculum

At this point in the semester, students taking Educational Studies classes are settling into their placements at a variety of nearby schools, ranging from public to private, from inner-city to suburban. They’re not the only ones getting a glimpse of how their

Voter apathy undermines Swarthmore student politics

Held this past Saturday, the Student Council Fall 2011 Emergency Elections garnered ballots from only about 250 people. Perhaps one could generously argue that the low voter turnout was due to the fact that it was only an “emergency” election being held

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