Death by Ballet: A Definition

I met Galia in Mark Wallace’s first year seminar on religion and literature, and I knew she was a dancer from the start. She started her dancing career in ballet. For thirteen years, from three to sixteen, she had a passionate relationship

Local Teens are not Ville Rats

Stop calling local teenagers “Ville Rats.” It’s such an obviously bad phrase. It’s mean, disrespectful and goes against what we stand for as a college. We are guests in the area, and for us to show up here and stereotype a large

Wellness Is For Wimps

Focusing more on wellness at Swarthmore is a crappy idea. Everyone who comes here gets frustrated, sooner or later. Frustration may not be the defining theme for everybody’s experience here, but learning to channel it is definitely on the curriculum.Why should we

Giant Squids in the Rain

The Giant Squid presentation was a real relief. I drove here from my apartment in West Philly on Saturday night to see it, and about five minutes out the door, the rain started pouring. It’s dangerous how badly my car skids in

Give the Campus a Voice

The question of whether the sorority initiative needs to go to a campus-wide referendum highlights our need as a college for an independent, systematic, and statistically sound polling organization. The opinion of the student body at large should have been at the

Encouraging community before Quakerism at Swat

The last two weeks for me have been what I can only describe as an “academic hangover,” where I woke up every day and thought, “What the hell did I just write?” My last column, “Why Quakerism at Swarthmore is Unproductive,” pointed

Why Quakerism at Swarthmore is counterproductive

Here’s a true story: once when the guy in front of me forgot his ID card in the Science Center café, I bought his gum for him. It cost a dollar. Someone said sort of sarcastically, “Oh look, Quaker values in action.”

Shedding labels at Swat on the shoulders of Pink Giants

I recently came upon the 2009 Daily Gazette sex columnist called “The Pink Narcissist.” It was everything I ever wished to write, so I decided to dedicate this week’s article as a tribute. The column was published the year before I arrived