Biochem research with Meghann Kasal

  This week, I talked to Meghann Kasal ’17, who does research with Professor Stephen Miller in the biochemistry department. Kasal’s work centers around bacterial communication, specifically with a process called quorum sensing. In quorum sensing, bacteria produce molecules called autoinducers. The

In the lab with engineer Ascanio Guarini ’16

This week, I sat down with Ascanio Guarini ’16, an Honors engineering and economics major, to discuss biomedical research he did over the summer of 2014 at a lab affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital. When Guarini joined the lab, the team was

Students stand in solidarity with missing Mexican students

On Thursday, November 20, many on campus wore black to raise awareness for the 43 Mexican students that were kidnapped earlier this year. The kidnapped students were on their way from their town of Ayotzinapa in late September to a protest in


Homophobic chalkings resurface on campus

Around 10 p.m. on the night of Monday, October 27, members of the Swarthmore Queer Union chalked queer-positive statements around Swarthmore’s campus for a Pride Month initiative to increase queer visibility in the community. By 2 a.m., at least one chalking expressing

Students adjust to college’s new party policy

During the first weekend of the semester in which party permits were officially issued, the college saw large unofficial dorm parties and overflowing fraternities. This year, no party permits were issued the weekend following substance-free week. Part of the reason for the

A more complicated truth: understanding fat justice

The fat justice workshop on March 30 discussed the historical evolution of the oppression of fat people today in the U.S. Nicole Sullivan and Cora Segal outlined the ways in which white supremacist and patriarchal ideologies, many of which culminated in eugenic


When the FBI spied on Swarthmore

On March 8, 1971, a group of activists picked the lock of an FBI office on the second floor of the County Court Apartments in Media, Pennsylvania, and stole more than 1,000 documents. A few weeks later, Swarthmore student Martha Shirk, who