A Quaker aesthetic in campus art and architecture

The iconic Big Chair is a coveted spot on campus, especially when the sun shines. But the larger-than-life Adirondack chair that graces our beach is more than a source of sunbathing, snuggling, and snapshotting: it’s a sculpture — perhaps the most prominent

A queer history of Swarthmore

Swarthmore College is universally described as a socially liberal school, especially in regard to LGBTQ representation and support on campus. However, thirty years ago, Swarthmore was known as a place where the queer community was isolated and hidden. In true Swarthmorean tradition,

A brief history of Halloween at Swarthmore

We just had that weekend again — the weekend of last-minute Target and Goodwill runs to put together an ironic Swarthmorean Halloween costume that nobody back home would understand — in short, we’ve had the weekend of the Halloween party. This year’s

From Crik to Creek: Cruising Down the Crum

Early on Sunday morning, Swatties gathered to race handmade boats down the Crum in the annual Crum Regatta. This notable and highly Swarthmorean tradition of racing homemade boats has been a part of Swarthmore since it was first held in 1969 —

From Pholk to Psi Phi: Evolution of the ‘Dactyl

The Swarthmore pterodactyl hunt is a tradition like no other. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, is almost certainly the only place in the world where in early October, pterodactyls take over campus, and a grueling battle for freedom ensues. A whole host of other monsters

Traditions Take Root for Class of 2017

One of the questions I hear most often when informing a well-meaning yet clueless person that I go to Swarthmore is, “Swath-more? Is that an all-girls’ school?” No, Swarthmore College is not all girls. Swarthmore, in fact, attempts with moderate success not