More Transparency Needed in College Housing Decisions

The past few weeks have been chaotic. Schools and offices have closed. Colleges are switching to online instruction and telling students to leave their dorms. There has been little transparency around the decisions abruptly passed down by governments and school administrators. Many

Drag Up Your Life

“We’re all born naked and the rest is drag.” Under our Swarthmore shirts, baggy sweatpants, and heavy winter coats, we’re all the same. Whether you’re shy, sassy, funny, or sardonic, we’re all people with our own stories to tell.  That’s one of


Tea Time: Jittery About Jobs

Regardless of class year, Swatties often encounter a dreaded word through our conversations with friends, professors, mentors, parents, or sentient pets — employment. The world after college is full of terrors, and job-searching is probably one of the biggest besides learning to

Tea Time: Defining the Relationship

Besides the Swat plague, something else seems to spread around Fall Break: the love bug. After one and a half months of getting to know fellow Swatties, some of us may find ourselves head over heels in the Quaker Matchbox. But is

Tea Time in Philly

Three weeks into the semester and perhaps you are already thinking of escape. Thankfully, Swarthmore is half an hour away from Philadelphia, one of the biggest cities in the northeast. From parks to restaurants, Philly has plenty of spaces for college students


Philadelphia Arts Resources

Notes from the Arts section editors: When we were preparing for this issue, especially in anticipation of our new readership from the class of 2023, we discussed the arts experiences at Swarthmore that moved us deeply, and what we can do to

Tea Time: Hot Girl Summer to Swat Girl Fall

Dearly beloved, after three whole months of work, adventure, or relaxation, we’re gathered here today for some good old Swarthmore education and frisbee-tossing. On our wedding registry are discounted pen bundles, notebooks, and Command hooks readily available from Springfield Mall.  Now, are

A Libation to Loneliness

Past midnight on a Friday, I found myself in a kebab shop with two of my clearly intoxicated friends. The kebabs came in styrofoam boxes that would not close because of the sheer amount of meat stuffed into them. One of my

Foibles, Feelings, and Feminism

As rain falls gently upon Sproul Hall, Alok Vaid-Menon asked the audience a plaintive question: “Where do all the sad girls go?” Their voice lingers around the dome; their vocals layered by a loop station that filled the space with hypnotic charm

Christopher K. Morgan and Artists comes to Swat

While most Swatties were gradually adjusting to campus life in early September, Lia D’Alessandro ’21 was sweating it out in Troy Dance Lab. “We had a tough weekend dancing from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day,” she said. “We were hungry,