Things I’ve Found in Willets Basement

When it was confirmed I was moving from ML into Willets, I was overjoyed. Even though I wrote an article earlier this year about living in ML, I couldn’t wait to leave the “Sunday school” (as a friend jokingly called it) for

The Sharples 24* Hour Challenge

It was an obscenely beautiful day at Swarthmore College –– one that we never got to see. Waking up after three hours of drunken night terrors, we raced to a ribbon cutting ceremony that would mark the beginning of our descent into

Corner of the Campus Map

About a month after all my other friends from different colleges got their room assignments, I finally got mine (through Cygnet, of course). I didn’t know what any of the Swarthmore dorms were called, so when I saw “Mary Lyons” under my