A Friendly Message from the Winners of the Sharples Pumpkin Carving Contest

In case you were wondering where the Swarthmore First-Generation/Low-Income clothing donations in Parrish East went recently, look no further. After Swarthmore students got first pick at the winter garment donations, Bryn Mawr College’s Office of Admissions imposed a challenge on themselves. Maintaining the spirit of its eco-conscious and socioeconomically-inclusive ideals, Bryn Mawr created a campaign salvaging the unclaimed Swarthmore FLI merchandise.

Taking a trip to BMC’s Office of Admissions, we received first insight into this campaign. After speaking briefly to the director of the campaign, we believe the goal was to show all repurposed clothing can be chic. As a low-income student, Sage loved nothing more than seeing allotted resources used by the privileged institution for a virtuous campaign.

Fig. 1: A proposed jacket design for this year’s Bryn Mawr-struck, this outfit proves to be wildly popular among prospective students at the historically all-women’s institution. Emboldened by what appear to be coat hangers, this jacket exudes confidence and charm that Bryn Mawr is attributing to its Mawrtyrs this fall.
Fig. 2: Unidentified postcard-sized photo left lying on desk of Head of Admissions. Not much is known about the individual in the photo, but what can be said is that the outfit is absolutely stunning. Sporting a Parisian-inspired color-blocked suit covered by what appears to be a worn-down Patagonia vest, this look is a must-have for all Bryn Mawr prospies this fall.
Fig. 3: A more pedestrian postcard showing a repurposed FLI donation merchandised with one of the Mawrtyr slogans found on apparel. On the back of this glossy, high-definition card, there is a form for prospective students to show their demonstrated interest in the college, with the option to fill out their t-shirt size so they can perhaps be the lucky winners of the Mawrtyr Shirt Raffle.
Fig. 4: A potential acceptance letter for prospective students seeking a spot in Bryn Mawr’s Class of 2023. Simply based on the prominent, protruding coat hangers alone, the outfit harkens back to potential Bryn Mawr-struck fashion, one that would leave even the most seasoned New York Fashion Week attendee speechless.
Fig. 5: Stacks of “day in the life” booklets were spread across the tables of the admissions office. A job listing on the Bryn Mawr careers website included someone who places address labels on these promotional outreach programs, featuring a gleeful, leopard-covered Mawrtyr riding a bike, tribute to Bryn Mawr’s 2019-2020 sustainability efforts.

And now a message from our sponsors….

: What’s a Mawrtyr?

: Well it’s a Bryn Mawr student, just like we’re Swatties! Also, thanks to the Sharples donation, we won the pumpkin carving contest.

: Bryn Mawr is awesome! Breaking the Bryn Mawr bubble is harder than it seems

Dylan pledged a generous gift to Bryn Mawr of $450,000,000. Go Dylan!

Eva Baron

Eva '22 is from New York City. She's planning on majoring in English, and minoring in Linguistics. She also thinks the french toast sticks at Sharples are slightly spicy.

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