For one night a year, everything flies

If you can manage to type out “pterodactyl” correctly, put “Pterodactyl Hunt” into the Google search bar. The query is strange, and one might not suspect that such a phrase would return as many results as it does. Amongst the crop: “Pterodactyl

The Tri-Co gets Friendsy

“Hey _____, Someone likes you!” reads the first line of a Friendsy invite email. It continues, “Someone from Swarthmore is interested in you and would like to see if you are interested as well!” The invitation to join the new friend/dating/hookup social

ACL injuries plague student athletes

  It all begins with a pop. When you tear your ACL, the first thing before the pain, before you realize what has happened, is the pop. Basketball player Jessica Jowdy ’16 recalls the moment when she got her injury, saying, “I

Smoking at Swarthmore

Mention “smoking” on campus and many peoples’ first thoughts roll to images of bongs, nights in high school spent hotboxing someone’s mom’s car, and bowls packed tightly with bits of green-gray marijuana. Specify that you’re talking about cigarette smoking and many people

Men’s lacrosse battles injuries and tough conference

This season has not been kind to the Swarthmore men’s lacrosse team, injury-wise. Last Saturday, 10 men down, the team went up against Franklin and Marshall and lost 5-12. Despite copious injuries, however, not every game this season has ended in a

Inter-web celebs

In the late nineties, Evan Gregory ’01 created an SCCS website. The interface of the site is simple: the top of the page reads “Movies” and below are default-blue hyperlinks, all in Times New Roman, to fourteen videos with names like “Poop

Track and field heats up despite cold

Even though Swarthmore seems to remain indefinitely frozen over, one team on campus is bringing the heat. This past weekend, Swarthmore track and field competed in the Centennial Conference Championships, where several people set personal records and the women’s team clinched second