Finding womanhood in friendships abroad

Disclaimer: I am a Swarthmore student studying abroad in Havana, Cuba for the semester. My experience is not representative of the experience of actual Cubans or anyone else living on the island right now, nor any/all people who identify as women or

Professor Mani curates photography exhibit in Philadelphia

Swarthmore students packed into Twelve Gates Arts’ Philadelphia gallery last Friday for a preview of “Ruins and Fabrications,” an exhibition curated by Swarthmore English Literature professor Bakirathi Mani and sponsored by the Lang Center. The preview took place a few hours before

Sitting down with incoming President Valerie Smith

In the coming weeks, preparations will be made: grass watered, buildings groomed and lines rehearsed all in anticipation of President Valerie Smith’s inauguration on October 3rd, 2015. After a year and a half of presidential flux — the somewhat sudden 2014 departure


College may not hold classes on MLK Day

Starting as early as January 2016, the college may not hold class on Martin Luther King Jr. Day as it has since the holiday’s instatement in 1983. In an email sent to the student body on Wednesday, Dean of Students Liz Braun


“Rape haven” graffiti discovered on Delta Upsilon

Graffiti reading “Rape Haven” was found on the front wall of the Delta Upsilon fraternity Tuesday morning. Several fraternity members saw the graffiti and proceeded to contact Public Safety. While the responsible parties remain yet unnamed, the incident is under active investigation

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