SBC Minutes (September 17, 2017) – SBC Is Back In Business

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Chaverim requested $600.00 for group supplies and transportation, with the intent of $250.00 going towards the purchase of group supplies and $350.00 going toward the cost of transportation. Chaverim is a Tri-Co a capella group, and they travel between the Bi-Co at least once a week, with the occasional addition of weekend performances. The cost of transportation comes primarily from the cost of gas, as Public Safety requires that they fill the van after every use. The equipment cost would go towards the purchase of new choir folders.

The committee unanimously approved this funding, but cut it by half, as Chaverim did not go to spring budgeting in the fall. They were approved for $300.00.


SASA requested a total of $5,125.00 for various events, conferences, equipment, lectures, and supplies. The committee had SASA go sub code by sub code to decide on the budget, beginning with events. $224.00 toward SASA Party, an all-campus party introducing music of different African countries to students. There was a mathematical error regarding the cost of soda, so the amount was lowered to $194.00 to reflect this.

$521.00 toward the SASA barbecue/African Kitchen, an event held at the end of October, wherein members of SASA celebrate the new school year within their organization and the greater Swarthmore community. The committee will not fund transportation at this time, lowering this cost to $471.00.

1.) $1,700.00 toward “What Is Your Africa?”, an all-campus event aimed at educating the Swarthmore College community about Africa and the range of African cultures represented on campus. The committee noted that performers and speakers for this event would be funded by the Forum For Free Speech.  OSE may provide  further funding for the event. The committee will consider this proposal at a later time in the event that SASA has remaining funding needs.

2.) $350.00 toward the SASA Senior Send-off, a catered event intended to send-off SASA graduating members. The Committee noted the cap on food for internal events and lowered this total to the cap of $200.00.

3.) $1,460.00 toward the Wharton Africa Business Forum and Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development Conferences. The Committee noted that SASA could get $600.00 from Dean’s funding and lowered the cost to $860.00 to reflect this. Passed unanimously.

4.) $70.00 toward the cost of paying student photographers. Proposed, seconded, and passed unanimously.

5.) $200.00 toward Student-Faculty Lecture, transportation, and snacks. The Committee decided that SASA could get funding from the Forum For Free Speech.

6.) $400.00 toward SASA Apparel. SBC does not fund apparel for student groups.

7.) $200.00 toward books for the SASA book club. The committee will consider this proposal if SASA presents a specific cost per book and total number of books.

SASA was unanimously approved for $1,795.00 for the year.

SBC then moved to an introduction of the “Conflict of Interest Form.” It is a form intended to ensure that SBC stays independent and free from conflicts of interest. SBC members are to recuse themselves from decisions if they are treasurers or serve on clubs that may be asking for funding throughout the year. This has always been a de facto policy of SBC, but the form ensures that it is formal and in writing.

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