SBC Talks Food Funding Caps For Cultural Groups


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Editor’s Note: The Student Budget Committee (SBC) meets every Sunday at 5 PM in Sharples to discuss requests for student group funding. Each week the Daily Gazette publishes a summary of these meetings. For more information, contact 

Global Health Forum

The Global Health Forum is a group whose members seek to improve global health through awareness-raising activities. The group requested $70.00 in funding for group-owned supplies; these funds would be used to purchase food for a study break. The Student Budget Committee has a cap on food funding of $30.00 per event for non-cultural groups. As a result, a Committee member proposed an adjusted $30.00 in funding. The proposal passed unanimously with one abstention.

Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO)

The Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO) is a cultural group for the community of Swarthmore students who identify as Asian or Pacific Islander. At their meetings, members discuss a variety of issues relevant to Asian-Americans. They also orchestrate all-campus events and interact with Philadelphia’s Chinatown. SAO requested $200.00 in funding for their annual faculty and staff dinner with SAO members. The group had been approved for $250.00 in funding for this event last semester during spring budgeting, and the additional $200.00 in funding would serve to match final costs that were not known during spring budgeting. While the Student Budget Committee does not normally have a limit on funding for cultural groups, discussion ensued among Committee members related to a food cap for closed events. A food cap of $300.00 for closed cultural group events was proposed; the intent behind this proposal was to encourage cultural groups to host more open events, as well as to encourage more careful budgeting and accountability. There was a proposal for $50.00 in funding to meet the tentative cap of $300.00. This proposal passed unanimously.

Cultural Groups: Cap on Food Funding for Internal Events

Several Committee members expressed an interest in officially raising the cap on food funding for cultural groups’ closed events. One member suggested a food cap of $300.00 for cultural groups proposing a new event and a cap of $200.00 through supplemental allocations for groups requesting funds for an annual event (i.e. in addition to the amount approved during spring budgeting). This discussion will continue at a later point in time.

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