Athlete of the Week 4/7: Lizzie Kolln ’16


What she’s done:

Kolln provided much of the fuel during the women’s lacrosse team’s 16-5 win against Bryn Mawr on Saturday, with 11 points on five goals and six assists. Her second goal marked the 100th of her career. Because of her massive contributions this week, she was also named Centennial Conference Player of the Week this Monday.

How it felt to reach 100 career goals:

“It feels great to have reached this milestone. It’s definitely a testament to how well our team plays together, with most goals coming on assists — so it’s nice to see a tangible stat so closely equated to great teamwork.”

Favorite goal out of the 100:

“I had this one fluke goal against Muhlenberg my sophomore year. The clock was ticking down in the first half, our team won the draw and I was able to get open and get the ball. I knew that time was expiring. So, I quickly decided to shoot the ball while I was still very far away from the cage.  It really caught the goalie off-guard and ended up going in. It was so unexpected and honestly just really hilarious.”

Favorite song lyric:

“My favorite song lyrics probably are from the Rogue Valley song, “The Wolves and the Ravens;” and they are: ‘In the morning by the sea, as the fog clears from the sand, have no money in my hand, have no home, have no land. But it doesn’t trouble me, as I lay beside the fire, I am easy to inspire, there is little I require.’”

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