Board announces members of the presidential search committee

Today, Board of Managers member Salem Shuchman ‘84 announced the members of the presidential search committee, including himself as the chair. The committee is composed of board members, alumni, faculty, administrators and students for full representation of the campus community, according to Schuchman.

“It is imperative to me and to the Board of Managers that the search process reflect the collective wisdom of faculty, staff, students, and alumni,” he said in an email.

Shuchman stated that he hopes that those outside of the committee will be involved as well as those within, stressing the importance of collaborating as a community to find the right candidate.

“I think it’s important that not only we find a great president but that the community feels that it was a process that allowed for their input,” said Schuchman. “Clearly we are looking for someone who will appreciate what makes Swat distinctive,” he added.

To encourage community involvement, there will be forums, group meetings, and other community events. A website with information on the progress of the search will go live sometime in the following weeks. The search committee will also respond to feedback, concerns and suggestions at

Schuchman estimates that by the spring semester, the committee will have picked a candidate to take the position. If a candidate is found, the new president will join the administrative staff for the 2016-2017 academic year. A public announcement will be made when a choice is made regarding the position.


The search committee consists of:

Board Members and Alumni                   Faculty and Administration                                Students

Rhonda Cohen ’76                                       Anthony Foy, English Literature                        Jason Heo ’15

Harold “Koof” Kalkstein ’78                   Ellen Magenheim, Economics                            Isabel Knight ’16

Giles “Gil” Kemp ’72 (ex officio)           Kathleen Siwicki, Biology

Salem Shuchman ’84 (chair)                   Zenobia Hargust, Human Resources

Sujatha Srinivasan ’01

David Ko ’92, Alumni Council

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