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Over the weekend, the new Tumblr account “Swattie Body Parts,” which first advertised itself in the RSD last Tuesday, began posting a number of nude body part submissions. We sat down with the creator of the site, who preferred to remain anonymous, to get a better sense of the purpose of these “parts.”

What inspired Swattie Body Parts?

I mean, upon browsing Swattie Bodies it seemed like there was a lot of penises. What about our other beautiful parts? I just want to highlight the beauty of something other than a penis, though penises are beautiful. Like a pinky. Or nostril. Show us stuff besides your penis, you know? I don’t just wanna hear about penises.

I also wanted to recreate the experience of a nip slip, but with every body part. When Janet Jackson bared the boob that night, nobody was looking at her pants. People are like hyper zoomed in cameras. And in our case, at Swat, they just wanna see the D. You might call them “addicks.”

Why not open it all up for people? Penis or no penis, I want to see what you got. Let’s get ready to bare it, no matter where it is on the body.

What do you think people will get from visiting Swattie Body Parts?

Well, it’s really hard to compare yourself to a whole body and try and change to be like it. So this allows people to go piece by piece. Like, I love my right butt cheek. It is beautiful. But I am not ready to accept my whole ass, I don’t feel good about that yet. Maybe someday I’ll be able to turn the other cheek. I hope that goes for you too.

Photo courtesy of Swattie Body Parts

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