Hot Diggity Dog: Diane Watson and Dobby

petMeet Diane Watson, administrative assistant, and her ten-year-old Shih Tzu, Dobby.


A NEW BEGINNING: While many dogs experience a lot of love and affection during the first couple years in their lives, Dobby had a rough start. Diane’s nephew was in college when he was letting someone live with him in his apartment. The man had a small puppy and often ignored and abused him. Her nephew knew the puppy was not in safe hands and took the puppy away. Diane was given Dobby, who had already been named, because her nephew was not able to care since he was still in school. Dobby found a safe and loving home with Diane and her husband.


SHAKING IT LIKE MJ: Many dogs have talents ranging from catching frisbees in the air to having a small trick routine. For Dobby, talent comes in the form of a moonwalk. Whenever this shih tzu learns that he is going out for a walk, he starts to kick his legs back, almost resembling the move Michael Jackson made famous. It is quite a sight!

A WEST COAST ATTITUDE: One thing people immediately notice about Dobby is how calm he is. He only barks if a doorbell rings. Diane notes that a close to perfect description for Dobby is a stuffed toy.


IN LOVE WITH SWAT: Dobby is a huge fan of the College’s campus. Since he was a year and a half, he was walked daily around campus, most frequently around Kohlberg. If you mention “college” around him, he will immediately start dancing and think he is going to be taken on a walk.


STUDENTS ALSO LOVE HIM: While many pets on campus receive tons of attention from students, Dobby seems to get just a tad more than usual. A few years back, Dobby was the runner-up for president for the Student Council elections as a write-in. Last year, the senior class noted that although they knew Phineas the Phoenix was the College’s official mascot, Dobby would always be their mascot. The Kohlberg Coffee Bar employees often give Dobby treats as well. One time, Dobby actually stood on line in between students to wait for his treat! Well, who wouldn’t adore this calm, affectionate Shih Tzu?

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