Hot Diggity Dog: Steve Levin, Allie and George

Meet Steve Levin, the friendly man you see on your trips to the bookstore and the textbook and tradebook manager, and his two black Labrador Retrievers, Allie and George.

BACK TO THE BEGINNING: Steve met Allie and George at different shelters. Allie, who is 12 years old, was rescued from a shelter in Southern Maryland when she was two. George, soon to be five on Halloween, came from a small animal group in Ridgely, Maryland. Steve has been in the company of dogs since he was a young boy; his family owned Miniature Schnauzers, and his grandfather had owned Beagles.

A FEW HOBBIES: George is a big fan of Swarthmore’s campus. Among his favorite things to do are running in Crum Woods and swimming in the creek. While young, Allie loved to play fetch and would not stop until Steve and his family were tired.

FRIENDS TO ALL: For all you dog fanatics, visiting Allie and George is a whole lot easier than it seems. Both these loving labs are conveniently waiting for you in the bookstore just asking to be petted. Previously, when the College allowed the labs to roam freely around the bookstore, students would stroll down to the bookstore to lie down on the carpet with Allie and George.

THE ACT THIS LAB CAN PUT ON: Allie is known by the bookstore family for having a unique bark. It might not be like that of the average dog. It is actually similar to a call made by a sea lion! Steve noted that she often does this for attention. She will even lift her front legs when she gets too into it. I got to hear a small glimpse of what her bark sounds like, and it really does resemble a sea lion’s call.

FAMILY MATTERS: Having practically grown up together, Allie and George are pretty much inseparable. At times, they will push each other to get the other’s attention. Since George is still young and loves to play, he will often nudge Allie to get her up so they can play. However, Allie is often hesitant, mostly due to her arthritis.

You can also friend George and Allie on Facebook.

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