Editor’s Note: Farewell

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

Dear Gazette Readers,


In a few brief weeks, four of Gazette editors—Miles Skorpen, Lauren Stokes, Carolyn Whipple, and Daisy Yuhas—will be graduating. It has been a momentous four years for the Gazette, and we wanted to thank you for sticking with us. Not many of our readers would still remember the days before we had comments, or when each issue took up a single page on our website, or when the Gazette’s primary purpose was fast lecture and sports coverage. A lot has changed since we were freshmen.

Our experience with the Gazette has been central to our lives at Swarthmore.

We’ll miss initiating freshmen into the mysteries of college life. We’ll miss pestering people we’ve only encountered in Sharples lines or awkward receptions for quotes. We’ll miss going to lectures and trying to muddle our way through obscure topics we never even knew existed. We’ll miss trying to fake our way through dance reviews. We’ll miss interviewing Swarthmore’s best and brightest, and having Owen Redgrave (the head of Public Safety) and Stu Hain (the head of Facilities) on speed-dial. We’ll miss stealing bad puns from our friends and turning them into weather jokes. We’ll miss your feedback. We’ll miss going to Student Council meetings, staying up until 3 AM editing stories, and telling our friends, “No, I can’t go to Pub Nite, I have a Gazette article to write!” We’ll miss having our finger on the pulse of Swarthmore.

We’re thankful for your patience when we mess up, for your sense of humor, for your crazy passion of every tiny and nuanced debate, for fair-use and your contributions through Flickr, and for all of our endlessly patient and enormously talented writers and editors.

And as we head out the door, we are proud to leave the Gazette in the capable hands of Dougal Sutherland ’11 (Editor in Chief), Ramya Gopal ’10 (Managing Editor), Neena Cherayil ’11 (News Editor), Urooj Kahn ’10 (Features Editor), and Jack Keefe ’10 (Executive Editor). We wish them the best of luck, and are looking forward to where they take the Gazette.

We’re looking forward to life post-Swarthmore, but we’re going to have a gaping hole to fill in our lives.

Lauren Stokes, Miles Skorpen, Daisy Yuhas, and Carolyn Whipple


  1. Yay, you guys rock so hard. Being thankful for fair use is frickin' awesome.

    Also, what you said at the end about having a gaping hole to fill, uh…that's what she said?

  2. Fine work, all of you, and it was an immense pleasure to serve with you all, back in the day. You'll be missed.

  3. May the next generation of editors be as conducive to mockery as you guys. Jeeves and I both give you lot jaunty salutes from our bunker in the Crum.

  4. You really turned this into a dynamic publication. Congratulations, and good luck to all of you in the future!

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