Editor’s Note: Farewell

In a few brief weeks, four of Gazette editors--Miles Skorpen, Lauren Stokes, Carolyn Whipple, and Daisy Yuhas--will be graduating. It has been a momentous four years for the Gazette, and we wanted to thank you for sticking with us.

Armed Robbery between Mertz and Alice Paul

Earlier this morning, Public Safety released a bulletin warning of an armed robbery that occurred on Swarthmore's campus. The Swarthmore Police Department has released a bulletin describing the event in more detail.

College Considers Big Cuts in 2010-2011

Many Swarthmore departments, including ITS, the library system, Human Resources, and Facilities, have been told to prepare for significant budget cuts if the economy (and the College's endowment) doesn't start to turn around by 2010.

Swarthmore’s Fuel Cell Pioneers

For the past two years, Alex Bell '09 and Andres Pacheco '09 have been tinkering in the basement of Hicks, slowly putting together one of the first two hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles in the world.

How Are Swarthmore’s Managers Selected

The Board of Managers is, perhaps, the single most powerful group at Swarthmore. Still, most Swatties don't know much about the organization, so the Gazette caught up with Maurice G. Eldridge '61.

Vinegar Tom, in Pictures

This weekend, Senior Company is presenting Caryl Churchill’s “Vinegar Tom,” which combines a historical drama of a 17th century witch-hunt with modern issues and energizing modern musical vignettes. "Vinegar Tom” struck the group as an outstanding pick since it was written in

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