Student Events Advisor, Hilary Pomerantz

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My name is Hilary Pomerantz and I am excited to run for Students Events Advisor. This year I have been deeply committed to a number of student organizations and through planning parties and academic events, I have learned how to navigate the funding process. Because of my experience as a student proposing for funding, I can sympathize with the difficulties of securing money for events. This year I proposed to FFS, Drama Board, and SAC to secure funding for events such as the Sager Symposium, Drag Ball, Fierce Party, and Valentines Gay.

I am especially interested in the recent campus dialogue that has centered on two major issues related to student council: budget cuts and the accountability of student government. As Students Events Advisor, I will work to reimagine the structure of Student Council in response to student dialogue and bring greater attention to the diverse needs of the Swarthmore Community. In this position, I will also advocate for more equitable budget funding in light imminent budget cuts.

As Students Events Advisor, I will serve to advocate for students seeking funding for a full calendar of events. For example, I would like to make it possible for student groups to get money for events before they occur so that we don’t have to front money out of our own pockets. Furthermore, it is important to me to not just help with funding but to make sure that events play out smoothly by being in conversation about improving Rattech services and making an inventory of supplies that are available and functional in the SAC closet.

As a member of the White Women Confronting Racism planning committee, I have worked to maintain an institutional memory for the group. Having an Institutional Memory provides our group with a foundation for our long-term visions. I believe Student Council must have long-term goals, which necessitates the need for a longstanding institutional memory. Additionally, on SQU Board I have been a part of many conversations about how to make the group more inclusive and accessible. This is a conversation I will bring to Student Council.

If elected, I look forward to supporting new and exciting events on campus and engaging Student Council in difficult conversations, so vote Hilary Pomerantz for Students Events Advisor.


  1. Actually, it is already possible to get a cash advance from SBC. This will not require the student to 'front' the money but will still have to adhere to SBC guidelines.

  2. In what ways is current StuCo institutional memory insufficient? What methods will you use to improve it? What are the long-term visions StuCo should have?

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was my impression that it was already possible to ask SBC for cash advances for events. (Would anyone on SBC care to clarify on this point?)

  4. Furthermore, this position literally has nothing to do with SBC.

    StuCo can always use people that don't really know anything about StuCo or SBC yet still have grand visions for "fixing" them, I guess.

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