By the Numbers: The Class of 2012

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By the Numbers: 2012


  1. What is a gap year? Also, are the transfers also class of 2012…it seems they should be class of ’11 or older. Thanks!

  2. Gap year is the year students take after high school to pursue their interests — extracurricular activities, volunteer work, etc. More popular among students in the UK.

  3. Some students apply for college and chose to defer enrollment. A gap year allows a student the opportunity to do other things (e.g.–study a year abroad) before starting college.

  4. Peter, as one of the sixteen fabulous transfers (not sure what happened to the other two between early summer and orientation; in June I also initially heard 18), I can tell you that nine of us are in class of 2010 and seven of us are in 2011 (I’m in the latter). We were probably just included in this data because we’re new students who were admitted for fall 2008 entrance like the class of 2012.

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